Billy and Juanita Smith

Mr. Billy L. Smith, affectionately known as Ricky, was born on August 13, 1951 to the happy parents Fred Smith, Sr. and Emily Tyler Smith. Billy was the fourth of seven children.

Mrs. Juanita Watson Smith, affectionately known as Nito, was born in Harrisonburg, Louisiana, on December 28, 1951, to the parents of Charles ' Black' Watson and Alice Lee Watson. Juanita was the eighth of ten children.

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Their Union

In the fall of 1961, Juanita enrolled in College of Business at Southern University and A&M College and met Billy Smith. They began their enchanted passionate love story together. Together, they experienced segregation of the south, the Civil Rights era, and Smith-Brown riots. Their love for each other bloomed and they were married on June 2, 1973.

Juanita then gave birth to two beautiful daughters: Kenya and Kia. Juanita had an amazing relationship with her niece Jean and nephew Daniel, in which she and Billy considered as their own.

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